Step 1:

Review and select a publishing package that suits your needs.

You can find the available packages on the following website:

Step 2:

Upload your manuscript to the following link:

After you submit your book, you will receive a Project ID automatically from Redshine.

Editorial Review:

After your manuscript is submitted, our experts will review it. If it is accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter from our Chief Editor or Managing Editor. If there are any errors found, our experts will contact you to fix them.


After all required details have been fulfilled, our expert team will start the book creation process. You can sit back and relax while our team works on your book. Every milestone will be notified to you.

Printing Proposal:

Once the book is ready to publish, our authority will send a printing proposal. In the proposal, all files such as interior and cover files will be attached. You should review and accept the proposal.


After the printing proposal is accepted by the author, the pre-publication process will start within 24 hours. This task includes technical review, printing review, etc.