RED'SHINE Ally Program​

A rewarding way to help Aspiring Authors


Log in to your RED'SHINE Dashboard and enter the details of your friend by selecting the 'Refer a friend' option.


Get a minimum of INR 300 when your friend signs up to publish with us, there is no limit on the number of friends you can refer


From lifetime Google Playstore, Google Books and Amazon placement to amazing discounts on publishing packages and services, enjoy exclusive Ambassador Benefits

Invite your friends and get minimum INR 300 when they sign up to publish with us

To start, enter your friend’s name, email address and phone number

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Waylight of the Programme ​

When will I receive my referral earnings?
In case of a successful referral, your earnings will be credited to your bank account after successfully dispatched author copies to the author.

I am a REDSHINE Author and already referred to a friend, then how many I will get INR to my account?
If you REDSHINE Author, then you will get flat 300 INR to your bank account.

How many times I can refer a friend for REDSHINE Ally Program?
Unlimited, no limit for Ally Program.

What is an effective date for the RED’SHINE Ally Programme?
1st December 2019 is the effective date for running this program.

I have already referred a friend through my reference. How can I be part of the Ally Program?
If you have already referred a friend or made successful referrals through your reference, you will automatically become a part of this program and you can enjoy Ally Benefits if applicable. You can call to your local publishing manager.

I referred to a friend but I am not a REDSHINE Author then how many I will get INR to my account?
If you haven’t REDSHINE Author, no worry, you will get a flat 150 INR/book to your bank account.

For More Details Kindly Contact Us: 0 76988 26988

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