Step 1 Prepare Manuscript
Prepare Manuscript

Create your manuscript in MS WORD or PDF format. But REDSHINE prefers MS WORD file for batter result.

Step 2 Create Metadata
Create Metadata

Provide your manuscript metadata. You can easily go to metadata page and provide us.

Go to Metadata page

Step 3 Choose Publication Package
Choose Publication Package

For the editorial books, we have special publication packages for editorial books. 
 Special Designed for Editors Publishing Package

Kindly visit the Publishing Package and review it. If you want any query kindly call us : 9998447091 our experts will help you choose a publishing package, based on your book type, goals & budget.

(From 1st March 2022, authored publishing packages discontinued for editorial workflow. )

Step 4 Final Manuscript Submission
Final Manuscript Submission

After choosing the publication package, kindly send your full manuscript in MS WORD or PDF format to And wait for 24 hours to 48 hours for our expert call. 

Step 5 Editorial Review
Editorial Review

After your submission, our experts will review your submitted manuscript, and if it will acceptable then you will receive an acceptance letter from our Chief Editor or Managing Editor. And or any error found then our expert call you and will fix it.

Step 6 Project ID Activation
Project ID

Every accepted book has a Project ID. After activating the project id, the team creates a WhatsApp group for better connectivity with the author or editor.

Step 7 Book Marking Process
Book Marking Process

After fulfilling all required details, our expert team will start the book creating process. You just sit back and relax about your book. Every milestone about your book, our team will notify you.

Step 8 Printing Proposal
Printing Proposal

After the book is ready to publish, our authority will send a printing proposal. In the proposal, all files such as interior and cover files are attached. The author should review and accept it. 

Step 9 Pre-publication

After the printing proposal is accepted by the author, the pre-publication process will start within 24 hours. In this task, technical review, printing review, etc process including.

Step 10 Post-publication

In this process, the book will be prepared for online publication for different platforms like Redshine Online Store, Amazon (Including 12 different countries), Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Google Playstore, Kobo, Apple iBooks, and many. As well printed copies will be swift for offline selling.