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Prof. Suresh Makavana
Prof. Suresh Makavana, (PhD)  currently working as a Professor and Head in Department of Psychology, Sardar Patel University.  Vallbh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India. Dr. Suresh Makvana, 20 research paper have been e-journal, index journal and reputed journal published. 03 M.Phil student working and 11 have obtained degree under his guidance, or more research work was 03 Ph.D student are working and 03 have obtained degree under his guidance during  December 2013. 25, research papers have been presented at international, national and state levels seminars, conference and workshops, as well as 30th and more than have been international, national and state levels seminars, conference attended by Dr. Suresh Makvana. Dr. Suresh Makvana more than 16th delivered lectures at various Colleges, Institution, NCC, NSS, and NGO’s during his career at Districts Panchayata, and under the quspices of Bhaikaka Chair, Ghandhian Chair, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedker Chair, and Sri Aurobindo Chair. He also worked as Resource person in industrial training program. His published six books and other research works. He is the recipient of best research award (2010) from the DADABHAI NAVROJI to Sardar Patel University.
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