Author Services

Our standard formatting service takes care of Book title page, standard copyright page (about second page), content page, chapter headings, appropriate fonts, paragraph styles etc. If you have any specific requirements, mention it while ordering the service.

Pricing for Basic Plan

Rs. 30 per page with Basic Plan.

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Pricing for Premium Plan 

Rs. 50 per page with Premium Plan.

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Want a thorough editing of the text to ensure good readability and professional finish? Or just need a final round of proof-reading before typesetting and printing the book? You can avail our editing services. Actual work involved in editing may vary depending on the state of the manuscript submitted and also on how much editorial intervention you want in your manuscript as a self publisher. We provide two types of editing services.

Grammatical Editing

We will editing in grammar. If you want improve your grammar in your manuscript then choose this plan.


Rs. 50 per page.

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It is hard to over-emphasize the importance of a good cover for a Book. The cover is the first thing potential readers sees of a book and it has to tempt the reader into flipping through the book.

Basic Cover Design

Price: Rs. 500

Premium Cover Design

Price: Rs. 1500

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Custom Cover Design

Price: Rs. 5000